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‘Love’ for Sale

Yes, Love Atop a Keyboard: A Memoir of Late-Life Love (Mascot Books) is now in the worldwide marketplace. Find it on Amazon, which also offers the Kindle Edition, or through, which links to independent bookstores near you. 

Here's the scoop: As a lifelong journalist, Janet plunged back into the singles scene at midlife with the fury of a reporter on deadline. She pursued multiple leads. She penned ads, joined clubs, attended soirees, and meetups. But when a Silicon Valley engineer began pursuing her, she wasn’t ready to cross the bridge. Learn more about Janet’s search.

Janet checks personals ads 1995.jpeg
Blue Skies
”Janet Silver Ghent has written a memoir that is candid, vulnerable, instructive and a ‘travelogue.‘ Her story is an inspiration and a guideline—a testimony—to finding a Second Act in the Book of Love. Janet gives us permission to dedicate ourselves to taking charge while allowing for the serendipity that so often accompanies the finding of one’s beshert (meant-to-be mate).”

 ― Susan RoAne, keynote speaker and author of How to Work a Room

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